ukraine-clinton collusion case

american leader promises investigation

2 min readApr 26, 2019

u.s. president donald trump on april 26, 2019 said during a telephone interview that the u.s. justice department will investigate allegations of collusion between ukrainian law-enforcement agencies and hillary clinton’s campaign during the 2016 u.s. presidential election.

the story was first published by the ezine politico in january 2017. kenneth vogel (now with the new york times) and david stern (now with the washington post and are the authors.

kenneth vogel, david stern authored the story, titled “ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire”

the “documents” vogel and stern refer to are copies of charred records from the so-called black ledger — handwritten accounts of money doled out by disgraced ex-ukrainian viktor yanukovych to his cronies, including his political strategist paul manafort.

the ledger was removed from yanukovych’s party of regions headquarters in kyiv on or around february 18, 2014 after anti-government protesters set fire to the building.

it was lots of fun. how member of parliament serhiy leshchenko wound up with a piece of the black ledger documents remains a mystery.

manafort resigned as trump’s campaign manager in august 2016 after his connections to pro-russia oligarchs drew scrutiny and created controversy. the u.s. special counsel’s office in 2017 charged manafort with multiple crimes. he was convicted and will probably remain in jail for the rest of his life.




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