Agrarian academy’s illegal rents pay for foreign lobbyists and fancy dinners at Trump Towers

It’s only getting worse

Cash cows block free land market in Ukraine

Agrarian Party of Ukraine Chairman Vitaly Skotsyk (far left) and head of Ukraine’s Academy of Agrarian Sciences Yaroslav Gadzalo (fifth from the left)

Ukraine’s $100-million cash cow

Ukraine’s Beltway bandits: Vanetik, Skotsyk and Gadzalo

From left to right, Yuri Vanetik, Vitaly Skotsyk and Yaroslav Gadzao
Yuri Vanetik — a mouthpiece for Kremlin propaganda
Yuri Vanetik, Vitaliy Skotsyk visit Washingtin, D.C., lobby against land reform
Source: Instagram

Serfdom, Inc.

Source: World Bank
Batkivshchyna Party leader Yulia Tymoshenko opposes farmland sales



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