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(updated may 17, 2018)

cliff notes for mueller grand jury about andriy artemenko

1991 — ukraine declares independence

1998 — artemenko begins working for kyiv state administration head

2002 — artemenko arrested, remanded to pretrial confinement

2004 — artemenko released from jail (kharkiv deputy dobkin posts bail)

2006 — elected kyiv city council deputy (tymoshenko faction)

2007 — switches alliegance to chernovetsky faction in kyiv city council

2007–2012 — middle east military logistics

2012 — opens ukraine’s embassy in qatar

2013, early 2014 — national resistance/right sector, revolution of dignity

february 2014 — russia annexes crimea, invades eastern ukraine

2014 — elected verkhovna rada of ukraine deputy (radical party)

2016 — starts work on ukraine peace plan during u.s. presidential primaries

july 21, 2016 — attends republican national convention in cleveland, ohio

october 4, 2016 — begins official visit to u.s. (

december 13, 2016 — artemenko in qatar (

december 2016 — meets with cohen/sater about ukraine peace plan (NYC)

january 20, 2017 — attends trump inauguration (

january 24, 2017 — meets with rohrabacher in dc (

february 2, 2017 — 2-week trip to usa ends (

february 27, 2017 — artemenko gives press conference in kyiv

february to april 2017 — artemenko kicked out of party, parliament, ukraine

artemenko e-declaration of assets:

verkhovna rada of ukraine deputies say ex mp andriy artemenko was the front man for a kooky plan hatched by putin pal viktor medvedchuk, oppo bloc mps serhiy lyovochkin, yuriy boiko and putin’s assistant vladislav surkov. the plan, which proposed ending russia’s occupation of crimea, wound up on whacko mikey flynn’s desk at the white house in early 2017 — days before flynn was sacked.

artemenko talks about his plan (february 20, 2017):

the main idea is that the situation should be resolved by compromise. And the essence of the compromise is simple — after it each of the parties should remain unsatisfied about something.

now on the points.

point one. crimea. an all-ukrainian referendum should be held on the following plan: crimea is leased to russia for a long period. 30–50 years. at the end of this period, a referendum is held in crimea under the control of international structures, where the question of the peninsula’s membership is finally decided.

point two. donbas is returned to ukraine. at the same time, an amnesty is accepted in relation to all, except for those who committed particularly serious crimes. the border is transferred to ukraine. but before that 72 hours of free corridor are given to the exit of those who do not want to live in ukraine. further, an all-ukrainian referendum is held with the question whether it is necessary to grant the donbas a special status. depending the results, a decision is made. after this, a fund is created for the revival of donbas. it is comprised of different states. from russia to this fund there are payments which it pays to rent of crimea. after the implementation of this plan, sanctions are lifted from russia. its relations with western countries are being restored

artemenko was kicked out of the radical party, kicked out of ukraine’s parliament and kicked out of the country after details of his kooky plan were made public.

in addition, artemenko told the new york times in early 2017 that he had dirt on ukrainian president petro poroshenko:

but the proposal contains more than just a peace plan. andrii v. artemenko, the ukrainian lawmaker, who sees himself as a trump-style leader of a future ukraine, claims to have evidence — “names of companies, wire transfers” — showing corruption by the ukrainian president, petro o. poroshenko, that could help oust him. and mr. artemenko said he had received encouragement for his plans from top aides to mr. putin.

“a lot of people will call me a russian agent, a u.s. agent, a c.i.a. agent,” mr. artemenko said. “but how can you find a good solution between our countries if we do not talk?”

andriy fighting for ukraine’s energy independence in qatar.

andriy obviously has head problems … he thought rohrabacher shud be u.s. ambassador to russia.


artemenko has been a cheerleeder for bogus reports appearing in western media about rampant corruption in ukraine.




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