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3 min readMay 14, 2019
nazar, rudy and charlie (

rudolph (“rudy”) giuliani, personal lawyer for u.s. president donald drumpy and “famous” magistrate charles pratt have met in paris.

the men said they are preparing a series of high-profile corruption *exposures* in ukraine.

trouble in paradise

from left to right: igor fruman, lev parnas, drumpy, rudy

belarus native igor fruman and ukraine native lev parnas (both u.s. citizens) have repeatedly informed ukraine’s law-enforcement agencies that businessman ihor kolomoisky poses a threat to their continued existence on the planet earth.

it’s worth pointing out here that u.s. loans guaranteed by the u.s. treasury department at 1.6% are considerably cheaper to pay back that commercial loans at 8%-9%.

but that’s another story.

clingfish cleansing

what has 1,800 teeth and a suction cup? a new species of субчики found in ukraine attached to the underbelly of the sitting u.s. president.

субчики is russian slang for suspicious personalities, in this case igor fruman and lev parnas, two american biznezmen who are working with giuliani on his ukraine project.

igor, lev and rudy have for months been involved in ukraine’s domestic affairs, warning president-elect volodymyr zelensky (ze) on social media against associating himself with corrupt oligarchs.

zelensky must be cleansed from the clingfishes of his past and criminal oligarchs, ihor kolomoisky and others… [from] those who will be investigated in america who interfere in our direct communication … — rudolph giuliani in interview with inter tv, nyc, may 15, 2019

kolomoisky on may 17 responded in a blitz interview at catch restaurant in downtown kyiv.

there are two con artists operating in ukraine. they are being investigated in the united states: igor fruman and lev parnas. they are making the rounds in ukraine, taking money from people, saying they are close to giuliani and can solve any problem with prosecutor general yuriy lutsenko. lutsenko probably doesn’t know about this. neither does giuliani. — ihor kolomoisky, kyiv

with one day remaining before ze’s inauguration as ukraine’s sixth president on may 20, giuliani called on his clients to press charges.

what’s wrong with this picture?

chief rabbi of ukraine rabbi moshe reuven azman, rudy giuliani and lev parnas (november 2018)

on the occasion of the shabad-lubavitch annual shindig in brooklyn, nyc on november 1–2, 2018, ukraine’s chief rabbi moshe euven azman, lev parnas and igor fruman did a lot of hanging around with ex-nyc mayor rudolph giuliani.

we know the reason why, but it’s too early to say whether ukrainian and u.s. law-enforcement agencies will move in and do something about it.

the last time i checked, giuliani’s ukrainian buddies fruman and parnas were part of the sunny isles, florida — russian mar a lago trump crowd that launders money thru limited liability companies to republican party election campaigns.

why aren’t american media reporting about this?




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