it’s a mad mad world (cont’d)

2 min readOct 19, 2019

rudy’s defense: soros did it

rudy (rudolph) giuliani on september 29, 2019

[in] november of 2016, [the ukrainians] first came to me, and they said, ‘we have shocking evidence that the collusion that they claim happened in russia, which didn’t happen, happened in ukraine, and it happened with hillary clinton. george soros was behind it.’ — rudy (rudolph) giuliani

there is no good reason why soros would run an organization in ukraine to collect information on donald trump. that giuliani would claim otherwise, however, makes sense, because soros is the world’s boogeyman. his name is synonymous with nefarious misdeeds to trump’s supporters, many of whom are poorly educated and have personality disorders.

fruman and parnas, american immigrants from the ussr, are the ukrainians who dug up giuliani’s “shocking evidence.” both men have contributed heavily to republican political action committees over the years and trump’s 2020 campaign. they were arrested on october 9, 2019 for a scheme “to funnel foreign money to candidates for federal and state office” in order to “buy potential influence with candidates, campaigns” and foreign governments.

the u.s. president, u.s. secretary of state, u.s. energy secretary and u.s. ambassador to the european union for most of 2019 allowed giuliani and his ukrainian sources to manage washington’s relationship with kyiv. who is in charge now is anyone’s guess.

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