2 min readSep 21, 2016 is a Internet video platform where civil society, scientific and cultural leaders share their experience, knowledge and ideas on various topics.

The goal of the project is to cultivate media space by creating a repository for the most interesting views on contemporary issues. We provide opinion leaders and professionals with a platform, from which they can elaborate their views without interpolation by a moderator, making them understandable to a wide audience.

A key aspect of is that the material of the interviewed guests and participants of video dialogues is published without redaction or editorial embellishment. This allows participants to be confident the audience will receive the information they intend to convey, without manipulation.

The website

A platform that employs an emerging form of modern intellectual digital media, including social media (Facebook, Youtube and podcasting sites).

Hundreds of the most interesting interesting guests — experts, professionals, decision makers and opinion leaders share their knowledge, experience and ideas with a thinking audience that is always trying to improve its understanding about the world they live in. represents thinking without censorship and is always open to new ideas, formats, guests and partners.

Short lectures

The platform produces short lectures on a wide range of subjects for those trying to broaden their understanding of their surrounding world. Subjects range from innovation and technology to historical events, genetics and philosophic issues. Each 5–10 minute lecture contains interesting and useful information, replete with illustrations and quotes.

Online discussion/expert panels

Expert discussions, civilized brainstorming and generating ideas online in a roundtable format. The breadth of discussions is far more comprehensive than in a studio format. Thanks to our interactive module, visitors can not only watch and listen to our guests, but support them, discuss with them and ask them questions in real time. The civilized discourse takes place without anchors and censorship.

Office discussion

Every day we invite guests to our studio, which has become a calling card of the project. Our guests are people who create, discover, invent, implement and popularize about innovations, trends, facts, advice, lifehacks, ideas, meaning. They are opinion leaders, experts, moral leaders and professionals in various fields - individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.




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