foggy bottom rises

2 min readOct 24, 2019


polo bunnies versus cookie pushers

foggy bottom, washington, d.c.

u.s. deputy secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs george kent on october 15, 2019 told congressmen that he was wrongly instructed on may 23, 2019 to lie low on ukraine and let three amigos supervise u.s.-ukraine relations.

kent said was so miffed he took time off he had already scheduled to attend his daughter’s wedding and then went hiking in maine.

rick perry, ronald sondland and kurt volker

by the time kent returned to foggy bottom, u.s. energy secretary rick perry, u.s. ambassador to europe gordon sondland and u.s. special representative for ukraine negotiations kurt volker were running the ukraine show.

the three amigos were directed by ex-new york city mayor rudy (rudolph) giuliani, who for months (maybe years?) had been bundling foreign contributions for republican election campaigns. related pro-bono work included digging up dirt in ukraine on former u.s. vice president joe biden and his son hunter.

guiliani says he was remunerated this summer for an unrelated job by two south florida businessmen, lev parnas and ihor fruman. on october 15, 2019 he said he would not comply with a house subpeona. rudy is currently looking for a lawyer.

lev parnas and igor fruman have been arrested for possible campaign finance violations. they were arraigned on october 23, 2019 in nyc.




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