fatal last step

2 min readDec 17, 2017
chaos in kyiv c/o saakashvili (15:45, december 17, 2017)

ukraine will be a great place in 2018, as opposition leader mikheil saakashvili sees it. the oligopoly will be defeated. corruption will be eradicated. rule of law will be restored. the economy will be healthy.

and saakashvili will be prime minister.

is he living in a dream world on the prime minister part, the oligopoly part, or about everything?

fantasy world, say his political rivals.

chronicling the latest political developments in ukraine is the aviation equivalent of looking for the flight recorder after a plane crash. the accident has strewn the wreckage of ordinary men and women struggling beyond reason across the largest (603,700km²) country in europe. this helps explain why foreign journalists do not know for sure — or even care — if their reports are accurate. the catastrophe keeps changing: it’s one mess after another. the latest involves ex president of georgia mikheil saakashvili, who leads the ukrainian anti-government movement of new forces party.

ex georgia president, movement of new forces leader mikheil saakashvili

saakashvili on december 16, 2017 announced on his facebook page his readiness to make the ultimate sacrifice to ‘’stop dictatorship” in ukraine.

we all … should keep the authorities from taking the fatal last step that will turn ukraine into a dictatorship and, therefore, to save the country from a disaster — mikheil saakashvili

what exactly “the fatal last step” ukraine’s top leaders are contemplating is remains a mystery.

saakashvili in his post makes the following seven demands:

  • complete removal of the oligopoly from power
  • complete non-interference in work of national anti-corruption bureau of ukraine
  • removal of all corruption schemes and punishment of those involved
  • end of political repression
  • resignation of chief of prosecutor general’s office
  • creation of anti-corruption courts
  • creation of mechanism for impeachement




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