A broken suitcase

On March 4, 2020, Ukraine’s Justice Ministry sold 99.8% of Prominvestbank (PIB) shares on the Ukraine’s PFTS Stock Exchange to Russia’s VEB, bypassing the decision of Stockholm arbitration and the standards of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

The Regulator threatened to declare the bank insolvent and the bank’s borrowers…

pompeo not welcome in kyiv

u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo

once senators have exhausted all of their time for questions in the impeachment trial of u.s. president donald trump, they will take up whether the senate should subpoena witnesses and seek additional documents from the administration that could be relevant to the impeachment inquiry.

depending on what has occurred up…

economic sabotage or financial illiteracy?

(clockwise: prime minister oleksiy honcharuk, economy minister timofiy mylovanov, deputy heads of the national bank kateryna rozhkova, and dmytro sologub, the bank’s head yakiv smolii, deputy finance minister yuriy butsa, finance minister oksana markarova, finance ministry chief economist oleksandra betliy, a meet to discuss hryvnia fluctuation at the cabinet of ministers building in downtown kyiv, on dec. 16, 2019. photo by kmu.gov.ua)

kyiv. ukrainians have known for years that foreign experts pick up on much less in conversation than native speakers. however, few expected that the time would come when the standard of competency turned out to be the ability to agree balance of payments (платёжный баланс) should not be confused with…

drumpy’s demise

u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo and u.s. eu ambassador gordon sondland

kyiv. the trump administration’s preoccupation with ukraine traces back to the doxing of paul manafort’s daughter by a obscure darknet hactivist group named cyberguerilla. the dump contained almost 300,000 text messages linking manafort to millions of dollars in secret, illegal offshore payments for his work in ukraine. …

how ukraine’s agrarian fund became the target of ‘grey cardinals’ from the yanukovych era

economy minister fymofiy mylovanov (left) and bluebay market asset management senior strategist timothy ash (right) texting during a investor forum held in mariupol, ukraine on october 29, 2019

under the pretext of fighting against corruption, ukraine’s economy minister tymofiy mylovanov last week removed the head of the most efficient state trader pjsc agrarian fund andriy radchenko. …

polo bunnies versus cookie pushers

foggy bottom, washington, d.c.

u.s. deputy secretary of state for european and eurasian affairs george kent on october 15, 2019 told congressmen that he was wrongly instructed on may 23, 2019 to lie low on ukraine and let three amigos supervise u.s.-ukraine relations.

kent said was so miffed he…

rudy’s defense: soros did it

rudy (rudolph) giuliani on september 29, 2019

[in] november of 2016, [the ukrainians] first came to me, and they said, ‘we have shocking evidence that the collusion that they claim happened in russia, which didn’t happen, happened in ukraine, and it happened with hillary clinton…


peter byrne is а рассеянный journalist who spends his free time collecting ideas, running and learning new technologies.

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